Testade moduler

Dessa moduler har jag testat i ”familjen-webben”:

Enabled Name Version Description
Content 5.x-1.6-1 Allows administrators to define new content types.
Required by: Content Copy (enabled), Fieldgroup (enabled), File Field (enabled), Image (enabled), Link (enabled), Node Reference (enabled), Number (enabled), Option Widgets (enabled), Text (enabled), User Reference (enabled)
Content Copy 5.x-1.6-1 Enables ability to import/export field definitions.
Depends on: Content (enabled)
Fieldgroup 5.x-1.6-1 Create field groups for CCK fields.
Depends on: Content (enabled)
File Field 5.x-1.x-dev Defines a file field type.
Depends on: Content (enabled)
Image 5.x-1.1 Defines an image field type.
Depends on: Content (enabled)
Link 5.x-2.0 Defines simple link field types.
Depends on: Content (enabled)
Node Reference 5.x-1.6-1 Defines a field type for referencing one node from another.
Depends on: Content (enabled)
Number 5.x-1.6-1 Defines numeric field types.
Depends on: Content (enabled)
Option Widgets 5.x-1.6-1 Defines selection, check box and radio button widgets for text and numeric fields.
Depends on: Content (enabled)
Text 5.x-1.6-1 Defines simple text field types.
Depends on: Content (enabled)
User Reference 5.x-1.6-1 Defines a field type for referencing a user from a node.
Depends on: Content (enabled)
Core – optional
Enabled Name Version Description
Aggregator 5.2 Aggregates syndicated content (RSS, RDF, and Atom feeds).
Blog 5.2 Enables keeping easily and regularly updated user web pages or blogs.
Blog API 5.2 Allows users to post content using applications that support XML-RPC blog APIs.
Book 5.2 Allows users to collaboratively author a book.
Color 5.2 Allows the user to change the color scheme of certain themes.
Comment 5.2 Allows users to comment on and discuss published content.
Required by: Forum (enabled), Tracker (disabled)
Contact 5.2 Enables the use of both personal and site-wide contact forms.
Drupal 5.2 Lets you register your site with a central server and improve ranking of Drupal projects by posting information on your installed modules and themes
Forum 5.2 Enables threaded discussions about general topics.
Depends on: Taxonomy (enabled), Comment (enabled)
Required by: OG forum (enabled)
Help 5.2 Manages the display of online help.
Legacy 5.2 Provides legacy handlers for upgrades from older Drupal installations.
Locale 5.2 Enables the translation of the user interface to languages other than English.
Menu 5.2 Allows administrators to customize the site navigation menu.
Path 5.2 Allows users to rename URLs.
Ping 5.2 Alerts other sites when your site has been updated.
Poll 5.2 Allows your site to capture votes on different topics in the form of multiple choice questions.
Profile 5.2 Supports configurable user profiles.
Required by: Birthdays (enabled)
Search 5.2 Enables site-wide keyword searching.
Statistics 5.2 Logs access statistics for your site.
Taxonomy 5.2 Enables the categorization of content.
Required by: Forum (enabled), Image Gallery (enabled), OG Galleries (enabled), Postcard (enabled)
Throttle 5.2 Handles the auto-throttling mechanism, to control site congestion.
Tracker 5.2 Enables tracking of recent posts for users.
Depends on: Comment (enabled)
Upload 5.2 Allows users to upload and attach files to content.
Core – required
Enabled Name Version Description
Block 5.2 Controls the boxes that are displayed around the main content.
Filter 5.2 Handles the filtering of content in preparation for display.
Node 5.2 Allows content to be submitted to the site and displayed on pages.
System 5.2 Handles general site configuration for administrators.
User 5.2 Manages the user registration and login system.
Watchdog 5.2 Logs and records system events.
Enabled Name Version Description
Basic event 5.x-1.0 A story-like node that implements the event API automatically.
Depends on: Event (enabled)
Event 5.x-1.0 Calendaring API, calendar display and export
Required by: Basic event (enabled), Event All Day (enabled), Event Views (enabled), OG calendar (enabled)
Event All Day 5.x-1.0 Allows creation of all-day events.
Depends on: Event (enabled)
Event Views 5.x-1.0 Views-enables the event fields and creates default event views.
Depends on: Event (enabled), Views (enabled)
Enabled Name Version Description
Image 5.x-1.5 Allows uploading, resizing and viewing of images.
Required by: Image Attach (enabled), Image Gallery (enabled), Image Import (enabled), Postcard (enabled)
Image Attach 5.x-1.5 Allows easy attaching of image nodes to other content types.
Depends on: Image (enabled)
Image Gallery 5.x-1.5 Allows sorting and displaying of image galleries based on categories.
Depends on: Image (enabled), Taxonomy (enabled)
Required by: Postcard (enabled)
Image Import 5.x-1.5 Allows batches of images to be imported from a directory on the server.
Depends on: Image (enabled)
Imagecache 5.x-1.3 Dynamic image manipulator and cache.
Enabled Name Version Description
Invite 5.x-1.11 Allow your users to send and track invitations to join your site.
Depends on: Token (enabled)
Required by: Buddylist Invite (enabled)
Enabled Name Version Description
MySite 5.x-2.12 Allows users to create a custom page of site content.
Required by: MySite Icons (enabled)
MySite Icons 5.x-2.12 Icon handler for the MySite module.
Depends on: MySite (enabled)
Organic groups
Enabled Name Version Description
Organic groups 5.x-3.1 Enable users to create and manage their own ’groups’
Depends on: Views (enabled), Views RSS (enabled)
Required by: OG calendar (enabled), OG forum (enabled), OG Galleries (enabled), Organic groups mandatory group (enabled)
OG calendar 5.x-1.1 Displays calendars for groups.
Depends on: Organic groups (enabled), Event (enabled)
OG forum 5.x-2.0 Creates forums within organic groups.
Depends on: Organic groups (enabled), Forum (enabled)
OG Galleries 5.x-1.7 Create both public and private group galleries for organic groups.
Depends on: Organic groups (enabled), Taxonomy (enabled), Views (enabled)
Organic groups mandatory group 5.x-1.0 Make one group mandatory for new users and/or require new users to pick a group.
Depends on: Organic groups (enabled)
Enabled Name Version Description
Avatar Selection 5.x-2.1 Manages configuration of a default list of avatar icons that a user can use instead of uploading a picture.
Birthdays 5.x-1.x-dev Displays and reminds of upcoming users birthdays.
Depends on: Profile (enabled)
Blogger 5.x-1.0 The Blogger module displays a list of bloggers.
Glossary 5.x-1.x-dev Maintain a glossary on your site.
Guestbook 5.x-1.0 A guestbook for drupal
Postcard 5.x-1.1 Allows user to create postcards and send them to friends by e-mail.
Depends on: Image (enabled), Image Gallery (enabled), Taxonomy (enabled)
Token 5.x-1.8 Provides a shared API for replacement of textual placeholders with actual data.
Required by: Invite (enabled)
User Activity 5.x-1.x-dev Calculates and displays a user’s activity index.
User Interests 5.x-1.x-dev Shows a user’s most used taxonomy terms on the profile page.
User Visits 5.x-1.x-dev Shows who has visited a user’s profile lately.
Social networking
Enabled Name Version Description
Buddylist 5.x-1.0 Users add other users to their buddylists.
Required by: Buddylist Auto Add (enabled), Buddylist Invite (enabled)
Buddylist Auto Add 5.x-1.0 Adds a user automatically to the buddy list
Depends on: Buddylist (enabled)
Buddylist Invite 5.x-1.0 Integrates the buddylist and invite modules.
Depends on: Buddylist (enabled), Invite (enabled)
User Interface
Enabled Name Version Description
JQuery Interface Library 5.x-1.0 An API and central location for modules that use the JQuery Interface library.
Depends on: JQuery Update (enabled)
JQuery Update 5.x-1.0 Updates Drupal to use the latest version of JQuery.
Required by: JQuery Interface Library (enabled)
Enabled Name Version Description
Views 5.x-1.6 The views module creates customized views of node lists.
Required by: Event Views (enabled), Organic groups (enabled), OG Galleries (enabled), Views RSS (enabled), Views Theme Wizard (enabled), Views UI (enabled)
Views RSS 5.x-1.6 RSS plugin for the views feed selector argument.
Depends on: Views (enabled)
Required by: Organic groups (enabled)
Views Theme Wizard 5.x-1.6 The views theme wizard helps create stub theming for views.
Depends on: Views (enabled)
Views UI 5.x-1.6 The Views UI module allows you to create and edit views.
Depends on: Views (enabled)